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15 April 2011 @ 08:57 am
Title: One step closer
Rating: T
Word Count: 400
Warnings: angst
Other pairings: suspected GaaNaru
A/N: Writen as part of a daily drabble challenge for the prompt 'Cheat'

"You're lucky he missed all your vital organs," Tsunade says as she applies chakra to the wound. She smiles sardonically at her hands. "Looks like you've cheated death again Uchiha."

Sasuke says nothing. There is bitterness in the Hokage's eyes and he knows that she has not forgiven him for his betrayal. He is sure that the only reason she is helping him now is because of her promise to the Kazekage. Sasuke glances up at Gaara and sees that the other teen is watching him with narrowed eyes. Sasuke supposes he must be angry with him for disobeying orders. Gaara had tried to keep him out of the fighting, had told him to leave defeating Madara to him. Sasuke looks away, his own annoyance at the situation simmering beneath the surface of his composed and disinterested exterior.

Tsunade stands and turns to Gaara. "He's all yours Kazekage-sama."

Gaara nods, apparently disregarding the Hokage's brusque manner. Once Tsunade has left, he pins Sasuke with his gaze. "Why did you disregard my order?" When Sasuke doesn't reply Gaara growls his name and takes a step closer to him. "Please tell me you didn't pull this stunt because of Naruto."

Sasuke glares at the canvas of the tent rather than meet Gaara's eyes.

"I've already told you that I no longer have any feelings for him. Why do you insist on following me?"

Gaara kneels beside him and cups his unbruised cheek. "What more will it take to convince you that you are the only one I wish to be with?"

Sasuke remains silent, not knowing what he wants, but also knowing that right now he hates Naruto with a burning passion. He wants Gaara to never see the blond ninja again, but knows that this is a childish demand that he will not lower himself to. So he says nothing, wishing Gaara would leave him alone to lick his wounds in peace. Eventually he does, his eyes dark with disappointment.

It isn't until Sasuke lays down to sleep that he realises his mistake. Every time he pushes Gaara away he pushes him closer to Naruto. It is with this revelation fresh in his mind that he falls into a fitful sleep and dreams not for the first time of Naruto’s sneering face as he holds Gaara close and gives him the love and support Sasuke does not know how to give.