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20 March 2011 @ 05:47 pm
Fic: Blood Fetish  
Title: Blood Fetish
Rating: R to be safe
Word Count: 291
Warnings: sexual situations and blood
A/N: Writen as part of a daily drabble challenge for the prompt 'Bleed'


“You have a blood fetish.”

Gaara frowns, his teal eyes narrowing. “Shukaku has a blood fetish,” he clarifies with a hint of finality that Sasuke misses completely.

“Shukaku isn’t the one who insists on biting me every time he gets close enough.”

The demon whispers that he would if he could; adding as an afterthought that Sasuke’s exposed collarbone would look far more attractive with the impression of Gaara’s teeth upon it. Gaara resolutely ignores him.

“I do it to keep him happy. He becomes less restless when supplied with your blood.”

Sasuke sneers, “And when he’s happy you get hard?”

Gaara’s frown deepens as Shukaku sniggers. “Your blood is not linked to me becoming aroused.”

Sasuke’s smirk tells Gaara he doesn’t believe him. Annoyed, Gaara makes to leave (much to his demon’s displeasure) but is stopped by Sasuke’s hand on his wrist. The look on the Uchiha’s face is serious as he says, “There’s nothing wrong with having a blood fetish; it doesn’t make you like him.”

Gaara is still as he stares at Sasuke. The Uchiha stares back as he moves in to claim Gaara’s lips, his hands drifting to the redhead’s waist. Shukaku mutters his approval, and eventually Gaara responds. He takes Sasuke’s bottom lip between his teeth and bites until the skin tears. Blood slides over his tongue and a wave of pleasure mingled with desire washes over him that isn’t entirely Shukaku’s doing. Sasuke moans his approval and raises his hips to meet Gaara’s, showing the redhead that he isn’t the only one enjoying this.

Gaara pulls away, his eyes alight with sudden understanding. “You’re a masochist.”

Sasuke silences him with a kiss and drags him down onto the bed to the sound of Shukaku’s laughter.